OnStar Slows Down Stolen Cars

Now this is genius! OnStar, the in-vehicle navigation system and robot brain announced a new stolen vehicle service, which will allow security advisors to slow stolen vehicles by sending a remote signal that reduces the flow of fuel to the engine. Is that cool or what? This will debut with some 2009 GM models. About 1.6 million cars, about two-thirds of them Chevrolets, will come equipped with the service. The way it works is that the driver will report the theft, then call OnStar to request Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance, which relies on GPS for precise tracking. Once police have caught up with the vehicle, they can ask OnStar advisors to slow it down remotely. OnStar says that it has safeguards to ensure that advisors target the correct vehicle. A remote signal interacts with the powertrain system to decrease the fuel flow. Genius, I say!