Severe Midwest Ice Storms cripple life

Monday storms pummeled the states of Missouri and Illinois Monday, leaving half a million homes and businesses without electricity. Thousands of other people were blacked out. In some areas service may not be restored for a week. (I couldn't even imagine. Thank God I live in Texas!)  But this is horrible news! As many as 22 deaths were attributed to the storm, most of them in traffic accidents. I don't understand why people insist on driving when they absolutely don't have to in this kind of weather.  And Oklahoma and Iowa are getting their fair share of bad weather too. The Tulsa airport lost power on Monday and halted operation. The airport at Des Moines, Iowa was also shut due to ice accumulation. Even Greyhound bus passengers had to spend the night at a church shelter in Tulsa after downed power lines made major roads impassible.  States of emergency were declared in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri and snow was expected to follow the ice in some areas. Schools and businesses were closed in those regions where power was interrupted.