Blogging is like fishing

There has been the coolest conversation going on across the blogosphere and I decided it was time for me to jump on board. Char at Essential Keystrokes, a fellow Gack Inker and great blogger, started it with her post about how to explain blogging to your mom, a brilliant post that compared blogging to a Farmer’s Market and prompted others to describe what metaphor fit blogging for them.

Though there are a lot more really good metaphors, in fact, too many too list here by now, I really like what Liz at Successful Blogger, who honored me several months back by naming me an official SOB, had to say about bloggers being learners and teachers and how she has pumped the volume way up on this deal and turned it into a group writing project with ten bloggers who post their metaphors receiving a copy of a book called “What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging.”

So, I thought about it for a couple of days and decided that to me the best way to describe blogging is to compare it to fishing. I do paid blogging for different pay to post services and this is what led me to the fishing comparison. Especially with PPP, for the new opportunities come out off and on during the day and the competition to get the best paying ones is fierce. So what I do is this. I get up early in the morning, the early bird catching the worm, and I do a couple of blog post that are assigned to me by other companies while I have my coffee. It is quiet and peaceful, the morning sun shining through my office windows like the sun shining across a lake.

Once I have done my assigned post I take a bath and make some breakfast, and then, by 9:00 am, when the opps start coming out at PPP, like new fish being added to a stocked pond, I have my pole in the water, waiting. clicking to refresh the page like watching for a bobber to peek below the water. It works most every morning that I end up making a pretty decent amount of money. If I haven’t made the quota I set for myself, I am back after lunch, fishing for a few more hours before I am tuckered out and call it a day. But like fishing, there is a limit to my catch, and like life, there must be balance. In between doing paid posting I must fish around and find interesting, news worthy or helpful things to blog about that will assure that my blog retains its quality and keeps my readers coming back. I mean heck, who would want to sit and watch me fish all day?