Chicken today and feathers tomorrow

That’s what my daddy used to say. And this writing life fits this old country saying to a tee. You can go for weeks and not hear a word, your inbox,  your mailbox, silently taunting you, and then BOOM, a slew of rejections, or in this case, good news!

I received my copy of The Sword Review in the mail yesterday. I have a flash fiction piece in there. But what was so very cool about it is that on the cover, a few spaces down from the other stories listed inside, it said, “Bonus! Print version only!” with my story and name listed. When I opened the book, my story was the first one. It made me feel special, and boy don’t we writers love and need to feel special every now and then.

I also got two request for the full manuscript of my novel from agents and a contract for a poem I’ve had accepted in an anthology called “Susan B and Me” coming out in the fall. All of this on the heels of my granddaughter’s birth. And on top of that, my husband got a big raise at work.  So yep, my daddy was right, it’s chicken today. I guess I better get my appetite whet for some feathers.