The Restorative Value of Margaritas

Thank God it’s Friday! she said with delight as the blender worked its magic.
Honey, what are your plans for tonight?
Me, I’m drinking and flashing.

Flashing! He said, his forehead askew
Didn’t I tell you about that?
The last time you did it was that evil brew
And I will no longer stand for it!

Not to worry, you silly man
That’s not the kind of flashing I meant
I’m meeting my friends because I can
So don’t get your nose all bent

We write a story in under an hour
While we drink martinis or margaritas
Then once we’re done, we critique our wares
It’s better than sitting outside with the mosquitoes!

He kissed his wife and smiled sweetly
Well in that case have a good time
I’m watching wrestling, though I’m defeated
by how it’s turned so nickel and dime.