The Secret Science of Getting Rich

I was talking about “The Secret” here a few weeks ago, about how hyped up my son is about this program after watching the movie. I saw the authors of the book on Oprah a few weeks before Justin told me that he’d seen the movie, and the impact it had on him. I got fired up myself, listening to what was said on Oprah.

“The Secret” takes the tenants of The Laws of Attraction and applies them to the everyday, teaching us how to project positive things into our lives. But now that have taken it one step further. There is now a seminar and an affiliate program in place called The Secret Science of Getting Rich and after all I have heard, I have no doubt that they really can teach you how it is done.

I am so glad to see that this way of thinking and these teachings are making such an impact on the masses. I am running across people almost everyday who are excited about The Secret and have jumped on the bandwagon. It is about time there was a move toward something positive in this country. I was beginning to wonder if negativity and bleakness were the new order of the day. Maybe there is hope for us after all.