How to control my thoughts?

I started out this morning in a really good mood. I was very calm, even felt peppy, the first time I’ve felt that good since the marriage trouble started the day after Thanksgiving. But I started having a sinking spell around noon, and I decided to pay attention to what was really going on in the back on my mind. You know what I mean, those little tapes we play in our head that tell us things are not going the way they should, that nobody loves us, or that we aren’t pretty; everybody has different negative stuff they play, whether they are aware of it or not, or I think pretty much everybody does, at least when they are going through a rough patch in their lives. That’s usually the first thing we do is start beating ourselves up.

What I began to tell myself, however, was that those tapes were old, worn out and not true, and I started playing new tapes, telling myself that I loved myself, that God loves me and that I am fine, safe, even on the way to being happy, maybe for the first time in years. We really DO have the power to control our thoughts, and as we all know, our thoughts control our actions and our actions define our destiny. So, at least for today, I am headed to a much better place emotionally, for I overcame. I plan on doing it again tomorrow.